Thursday, January 22, 2015

A day trip to Kuang Si waterfalls

A taste of paradise
The Kuang Si waterfalls park is popular tourist destination from Luang Prabang. In Kuang Si, the river streams down from a 30-meter cliff, then forms a cascade of multiple, large turquoise-blue pools. No matter the swarms of tourists, the spot is incredibly beautiful and deserves a visit.

It’s a great destination for children:
-       There’s a small bear conservation center at the entrance of the park, where kids can observe a handful of animals that were rescued from poachers.
-       The walk alongside the waterfalls is easy and pleasant. For a longer walk, climb to the top of the cliff and enjoy the view!
-       Last but not least, it is possible to bath in the refreshingly cool water of the cascade pools. Bring swim suits and towels for the whole family, and remember to cover your bodies when not swimming.

In short:
Transportation from/to Luang Prabang: 300000 kips for a private vehicle, or 50000 kips per person. To bring the costs down, join a group of other tourists and negotiate a discount for the children (we spent 150000 kips for the five of us).

Entrance fee: 20000 kips per adult / free for children

Where to eat?

There are numerous local restaurants and shops outside the waterfall park. A grilled fish cost 30000 kips.