Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great family hikes: the Erawan waterfalls, in Kanchanaburi province,Thailand

Before I close the topic, I have a few remaining comments that I would like to post about the great experiences we had in Thailand with the children. The hike to the top of the Erawan waterfall was one of them. 

Admitted, it's a very touristy destination and there's a lot of (pedestrian) traffic. Admitted, I wished tourists would stick to the rules and guidelines of the National Park and not wander around in plain shorts or bikinis. What a lack of respect towards the Thai culture as well as towards other hikers!

Enough of grumbling, the walk itself is worth doing and the scenery amazing. In Erawan, water falls down the hill in seven steps. The path along the river takes you to each step, one by one, higher and higher. Step 1 to 3 are very easy, step 4 and 5 a good hike, and the final two get you up rocks and across river arms in a quite strenuous climb.

The view on the waterfall at every level is a discovery that keep children excited and eager to see more.  And when our wet and dirty kids reached the final level, we rewarded them with a swim in the fresh river pool.

On our way back, we avoided the crowds by following one of the nature paths that run down through the jungle.

A great day hike with kids! Plan good footwear for all, pack swim gear and towels, enough water (use of plastic bottles is restricted in the National Park) and mosquito repellent.