Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Charming Chau Doc

I've skipped a few places we've been visiting in Southern Vietnam. I've been busy setting up our French blog: I'll take some time report about the places we've seen in the Mekong Delta and give a few tips.

We arrived today in the city of Chau Doc, a small town near the Cambodian border. After 6 days spent on the beautiful but touristy Phuc Quoc island, the little town brings a refreshing change. A stroll in the park "à la française" that stretches along the river Bassac, a peak into a couple of kitschy pagodas, a delicious vegetarian dinner on the night market; Chau Doc is a quiet and charming place.
"Jardins à la française" along the river
A view on the Bassac river
A monsoon rain shower forced us to find shelter in the classy Victoria Hotel around 4 p.m.; at the hotel's bar, we've ordered a Western-style coffee and lemonades, which we've sipped while enjoying the amazing view on the river and playing boardgames with the children. A somewhat pricier but very pleasant experience.

Tomorrow, we'll visit Sam mountain. More to come in my next post.