Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cycling in Savannaketh, Laos

In order to visit the historical town of Savannaketh, we rented bicycles from the Leena guesthouse (10000 kip/day - approx. 1 euro). Baby on my shoulders in the backpack and the two other ones behind their dad on the bike, we left for a half day tour of the city. Of course, it's a pity you can't rent smaller bicycles or trailers for children. On the other hand, there is not a lot of traffic in Savannakhet's city center, and it's fine to ride on the old bikes with the kids, 
always keeping a watchful eye.  We had a short ride as the rain stopped us at Lin's cafe for almost 2  hours. We then followed the guided tour described in the brochure "historical downtown", available in the cafe. Old buildings, some renovated, some in decay, few temples, a short stop at a food stand to eat grilled meat, it's been a great tour!

The kids loved the bicycle tour, surely we'll do it again!