Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bye-bye tuk-tuk! Enjoy the luxury of a rental car in and around Pakse

After more than a week of bumpy tuk-tuks, busses, crowded minivans and other rough transportation means, we welcomed the idea of renting a car. There is a station in Pakse, very central, next to the "green discovery tour" office.

Why rent a car in Pakse? I have a few family-friendly arguments:
- enjoy the convenience: it is much more convenient than busses or minivans. You can discover the area at your own pace, stop when the kids are hungry, thirsty, or just when you feel like it.
- experience more: the places that are not on the usual tourist routes, the villages that seem welcoming... There is so much to see around Pakse, few days are not enough, but traveling with the car will let you discover your own special spots.
- get extensive information: the manager of the rental station knows a lot about the area and is very willing to share his knowledge. He gave us plenty of tips and advices, actually offering a better service than many tourist information centers.
- save money: yes, surprisingly! 1 day of rental costs 88 USD, slightly less than the price of a guided 1-day tour of the Bolaven plateau for a family of 5.
- drive safely: child seats are not available, but the large 4x4 features 5 seat belts and a trusted driver: yourself.