Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Natur Pur - Camping in the German Eifel

I already praised the benefits of camping with children. I repeat faithfully my words: it's great to camp with children. We took advantage of an extended week-end to travel to the German Eifel and enjoyed great landscapes and “Natur Pur” - as German natives would summarize it.

Strong points of the Eifel: it’s green, quiet and beautiful. It’s a paradise for hikers with hundreds of kilometers of well-indicated walking trails. It has something to offer for kids too: we visited a “wilderness”-zoo, enjoyed a mini-cruise on the lakes.

I always feel that the only disadvantages of camping appear when the weather gets cold and wet.
We were unlucky this time: it was (abnormally) cold and wet in the Eifel, yet we had a wonderful week-end!