Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Museum note #1: Musée de la marine, Brest, France

Where : Brest, Finistere, France
When : Anytime, the museum is open throughout the year, with the exception of a few bank holidays
What: The musee de la marine exhibits ship scale models, equipment, weapons in armories, an impressive collection of ornamental carvings. More information at:

I have mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to report about exciting museum visits with our kids. The excursion at the musee de la marine in Brest in December 2012 was one of them.
There are a few simple tricks to get children very enthusiastic about a trip to the museum. Tell them they see amazing exhibits (I already mentioned dinosaurs) or tell them they will discover an exciting place. The museum de la marine is located in the Brest castle, a genuinely impressive fortress. Which young pirate wouldn’t want to go there?
Besides its outstanding location, the museum offers a lot to see:  a large variety of themed areas, explaining how sea vessels were built in Brest, or displaying scale models of various ship types with remarkable exhibits for young and old. A highly recommended excursion, and a clever way to find shelter from the rain in Brest or simply enjoy the beautiful views from the fortress towers to the harbor on a sunny day.
Defending the Brest castle against imaginary (but very malicious) buccaneers