Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It’s often perceived as difficult to visit museums with children. The attention span of younger visitors is short, they’re not interested in arts or sciences, and museums are dusty, boring places. All good reasons to spend your free time doing children-friendly activities. Or is your perception distorted? Maybe you find museums boring but most children don’t.
I already mentioned that we had a great time in Brussel’s Natural Science Museum. The place is exciting, for both children and adults. Frankly, who doesn’t find dinosaurs fascinating? Fascination doesn’t stop when you grow over 10.
There are plenty of thrilling places to visit all over the world. Museums and exhibition halls have done a great job in recent years to turn a visit into an experience that combines amusement with willingness to absorb knowledge.
Modern art museums give many examples of places you can easily visit with children. Consider the Tate Modern in London: wide open spaces where young children can freely move, colorful or bizarre artwork that trigger their interest, some dedicated “do-it-yourself” areas… All of that for free!
I’ll post more comments about interesting museum experiences we had as a family, in Belgium and elsewhere in the world.