Wednesday, April 24, 2013


A vivid memory of Northern Thai food. This wonderful fish meal has been a delicious torture: full of subtle flavors and so spicy that every bite was a curious mix of pain and pleasure.

Mmmh... One of my favorite parts of the voyage. Exotic food lets you travel with closed eyes. Wherever you go, you'll probably make at least one wonderful encounter with local delights, tasty fruits, fresh vegetables, subtle blends of spices, exquisite pastries...

The wisdom says that children should get used to varied flavors and tastes while they're young, and they'll love it as they grow up. A true saying, really. Our kids have tasted Japanese, Moroccan, Thai, American, French and Italian cuisine from their youngest age and I can hardly name a vegetable, fruit or spice they dislike. Thus, here's a piece of advice: before your great leave, multiply food experiments in your home country. It will only enhance your travel experience.