Saturday, January 10, 2015

Trekking in northern Laos with children

Northern Laos is a wonderful trekking destination. We did a 3 days/2 nights trek in the mountains around Muang Khua and had a great time enjoying the stunning scenery as much as quiet, rustic village life.

Undertaking a trek with young children is possible if those are good hikers. Guided treks can be expensive (usually around 350000 kips per person per day) but you should be able to negotiate a discount for participating children.
Trekking with children in Laos
Before you depart:
  • carefully confirm the itinerary with your guide: how many hours of daily walks are planned? How high will you climb? How difficult does he rate the trek? Our trek involved strenuous walks up the mountains, but also left us plenty of time spent in ethnic minority villages. Time that our children clearly enjoyed, playing with village children.
  • foresee a good baby carrier if necessary.
  • confirm with your guide if purchasing gifts for the village kids is appropriate. We brought pencils and notebooks for local school students.
  • if trekking in winter time, pack extra clothes for the nights, as it gets really cold in the mountains.
Enjoy your trek!

Muang Khua village: where stay and what to do?

There's a wide choice of accommodation in tiny Muang Khua town. We didn't immediately find a family room and opted for two cheap and basic rooms in Manotham guesthouse across the river. For children, crossing the river on the impressive suspended bridge will surely be the highlight of the day. Watch out for missing planks on the bridge 
The suspended bridge in Muang Khua