Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A family road trip through France

Exotic travel destinations are great, but there are so many wonderful experiences you can enjoy only few kilometers away.

France is well-suited for a family road trip. The country is large, but not excessively. Naturally, you can select a destination and cover long distances to reach it as fast as possible. But you can also take the sideroads and stop every few kilometers to discover unexpected treasures: a medieval castle, a roman church, a nice cosy village or a beautiful landscape. Almost everywhere, you'll be able to halt for food and enjoy a simple good meal or for a rest and stay in a charming, even if slightly ageing, hotel room.

Short road trips to France are pleasant with children, mainly because of the many discoveries that you can make along the way.

Here are the discoveries we made during our recent trip:

- Savor a piece of authentic "tarte Tatin", the delicious apple pie, in the Hotel Tatin of Lamotte-Beuvron, the place where the dessert was created.

- Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Auvergne during a hike in the mountains.

- Meet imaginary knights and princesses (but no dragons) when visiting a medieval castle in Tournemire.

- Explore the narrow streets of Salers, one of France's most beautiful villages.

- and so much more...