Sunday, August 11, 2013

A day at the beach - in Ko Chang, Thailand

We're not much of beach people (at least, us, parents. Our kids, like many children, love playing in the sand and the sea). Nevertheless we felt that, driving back from Cambodia to Bangkok along the coast, we should stop at least a few moments to discover one of the famous Thai islands. Our first choice was Ko Kut, but given our budget requirements, we went for the cheaper options offered on the Ko Chang island.

Upon our arrival on the island, we had a shock. For the first time in weeks, we were surrounded by tourists only. We've been warned that Ko Chang is a very touristy place, but it felt like we had left Asia when crossing with the ferry.

Yet the island has beautiful beaches. We spent a bright sunny day at The Coconut Beach, swimming, playing in the sand or on a swing.

Ko Chang definitely is a beautiful island and has a lot to offer. A pity only that tourism turns it into such a soulless place. 

There are still a few patches of land away from the crowd. A few places where you can feel like a guest rather than an intruder. When night came, we enjoyed good service, a delicious dinner and a wonderful sunset view at the Saffron restaurant. And returned to our lovely little house, a 2-room bungalow inside the garden of the Paradise Palm Resort, a small, friendly, family-run business.