Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Bolaven plateau: enjoy the best of Laos with your kids!

The 2-day tour of the Bolaven plateau has been one of our most wonderful Laotian experiences. Swimming beneath cascades, getting around in ethnic villages, sharing a meal with a Laotian family and its guests or a cup of coffee with a local coffee grower... We had planned the tour in 2 days, where guided tour take only one day, still we feel that we didn't see all of it and regret that we couldn't extend our stay.

Some return on our experiences:

- The cascade of Tad Champi is best to have a swim with the family - or if you have a brave heart, jump on a small raft and cross the pool.

- In the small village of Tad Lo, locals mingle with tourists and resident foreigners. It's a great place to hang around and have a chat. The Palamei guesthouse is most recommended: it offers beautiful bungalows and is run by a friendly family with whom you can share cooking and dinner. Our 6-years old especially enjoyed the English lesson with young villagers.

- There's an organic coffee farm and ethnic home stay on the way from Tad Lo to Pakse. The place is great-looking, the coffee excellent and the owner very friendly. A wonderful stop for a drink or a night.