Friday, July 5, 2013

Gourmet note #2: Makphet restaurant, Vientiane

In Asia, we rarely eat in restaurants. I can't praise street food enough. It's inexpensive, fresh and delicious.

After nearly one week in Asia, eating in Makphet has been a different, inspiring experience. The restaurant in the center of Vientiane offers tasty Lao-western fusion food. More than a dining place, it is a school for poor young adults who are offered a chance to learn a profession. There is a profusion of student waiters and waitresses who will fulfil your every needs. There is a large choice of meals, some of them really inventive, all exquisite. 

Eating in Makphet is a treat for yourself and a good action for needy Lao people.
More info?

Note: the restaurant doesn't have a special menu for kids, some dishes can be ordered in half-sized portions instead. Try the rice cakes with vegetable, the beef with tomatoes or the spring rolls. Inside Makphet, there's a small shop that sells beautiful  toys for the benefit of the organization.