Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A touch of luxury: Inthira hotel, Takhek

After 5 hours riding in an uncomfortable tuk-tuk, we reached Takhek in the evening. We were exhausted. There were several guesthouses in town, but seeing the Inthira hotel, we felt as if we had found an oasis in the desert. The nicely decorated rooms, in Lao-western style, the large, comfortable beds and the modern showers were all we aspired to after a long trip. The hotel has neither family nor triple rooms, and the price for a double room was slightly over our planned budget. We benefitted from a special price for a twin and a double room, including a complete breakfast for all 5 of us. The breakfast, western or Laotian, is excellent. The place also includes a restaurant, where we enjoyed dinner for two after the children went to bed - an unusual touch of luxury for tired parents. 
Rice soup (Laotian breakfast)