Sunday, June 23, 2013

The ultimate mosquito net

Only few more days before the start of our Laos-Cambodia adventure. Did we pack everything? What about mosquito nets? Are we sure that we can safeguard our children from all potential diseases? 
When we travelled through Thailand 2 years ago, we noticed that all beds, even the ones in the most basic dorms, were fitted with nets. Will it be the case in Laos? Most probably, but what if the nets are old, or not fitting the beds properly? What if the kids move out of the net in their sleep? We've packed an extra mosquito net for our peace of mind.

The ultimate mosquito net is actually the inside of a tent. A 2-person ultra-light carry-on tent that we purchased some 8 years ago when we needed to set up an easy bivouac. Shortly after, we had our first child and bought a 3-person ultra-light tent. Then, we had our second child and purchased the 4-person version of the tent. Then, we had our third child and...   Well, we gave up this time. 

Digging back in the storage, we thought we would give our collector item, the first of a long series, a second life that will also grant extra safety for our children and extra peace of mind for ourselves.

The ultimate mosquito net