Friday, May 31, 2013

Getting high in cities

City trips are very popular in Europe, although visiting a possibly crowded, jammed, polluted place is not our favorite activity with young children. Nevertheless, there are always ample possibilities to discover and enjoy cities with children.
We often end up climbing the city’s highest buildings. The short elevator transfer is usually overpriced but the kids enjoy getting a bird’s view on the streets and monuments. Calgary tower in Canada has been a lot of fun for our toddler; while other visitors were taking one step back, he promptly crawled on the glass floor. Fear of heights is definitely not an inborn feeling.

Buildings we climbed with the children:
·       Calgary tower, Calgary (Canada)
·       Space needle, Seattle (United States)
·       Montreal Tower, Olympic Park (Canada)
·       Fernsehturm, Berlin (Germany)
·       Baiyoke Sky Tower, Bangkok (Thailand)
·       Chrysler building, New York (United States)
·       London Eye (England)